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Meaning of Children’s Talent Gene Testing

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Biologically solved the problem of genetic characteristics of children. And know one potential capacity problems from gene level, not stay in observation or representation level. It is very foresight and directive. And is irreplaceable in using ordinary process planning method. For teachers, it is a rare tools, for parents, it is a lamp that how to leads children to success.

Fully understanding children's actions and performance biologically, especially the problems that adult worried about, may be the essential speciality in children’s road to success. For example: child is a bit wild, adventurous, and often fearless. How to found and cultivation these children? Only need a comprehensive analysis of children's genetic gene, especially combination, to discover and cultivate child twords that which professional characteristics need the child’s behaviour, so the shortcomings can be converted into advantages.

It can predict the problems in the child’s growth biologically including psychological problems, some problems may cause lifelong regret or tragedy even it only appears once. The regret or tragedy can be avoided to the greatest extent by children's talent gene detection. For example: the kids have genes of puppy love, passionate and depression, to early love plus affectionate add depression genetic, parents and teachers have to prepare taking necessary way to intervene before the child is 12, including nutrition, drugs and education, etc, in order to avoid study, family and human relations and social problems caused by the body by the sex hormones.

Biologically avoid cultivating child blindly. Cultivating child blindly may cause great physical and mental pressure on child. After testing children’s talent, we can adopt the method of pruning tranches to reduce the kids’ pressure. For a man's energy is limited, and the study is endless, a person may have distinctive success as long as he express his advantage. Such as: a child has advantage in endurance and skills, he can choose such as gymnastics, long-distance running and ball games, etc. for strict training and often participates in sports competitions, and it’s unnecessary to force him to participate in all sorts of other training. In this way, the child will be succeed in sports competition.

Biologically career planning for children, and be ready to make full career choice for the children, including knowledge, skills, thought and ability. For example, if a child has advantage in politics, in the universety, he has to prepare for joining the Party, taking a civil service examination, contacting with our political thought system and personnel system, and etc. To lay a foundation for children in politics in advance

As the saying goes: decade trees, but a hundred to rear people. It’s not the duty of parents but also the responsibility of the whole society to cultivate chaild scientifically and to teach students according to their aptitude. It’s a long process to cultivate a child, the best period is 0~18 years old, and the most important period is 0~6 years old. So the four keys to cultivate child is origin, direction, envronment and expect. It’s inseprable from the measurement of genetic testing for both parents and teachers to grasp each key. That’s what I think of the meaning of children’s talent gene testing.


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